If you're like me, you take quite a few videos of your little ones, special moments that you want to be able to look back on – this was one of the reasons I started Press Play Productions. So if you want their first steps on camera or even that first accidental swear word, try these tips:

5 tricks to capture
your little one on camera

Storage Space – You want to ensure that when you go to take your video, there is room on your phone to do so! I have a few tips for this in a Press Play Tips video, but the basics are: watch your videos after you take them, delete the ones you won’t need. Make sure you have a cloud storage set up so you can check your videos have uploaded to your Cloud, then delete from your phone.


Quick Launch – another great tip is to set up quick launch on your phone so you can quickly load your camera. Most smart phones have this ability. When your kid makes that funny face, you won’t miss it with quick launch.


Selfie Mode – this is good for two reasons, firstly, we need more videos with mum in there! Don’t worry about the scruffy hair, so often there a so few videos and photos of mum. Secondly, your little ones don’t mind sharing the spot light and will have fun getting in front of the camera with mum.  This is a good way to get that gorgeous smile or giggle if they are watching themselves in the screen.  


The sneaky video – for those times when your kid is saying or doing something hilarious but naughty, so you don’t want to focus the camera on them as to positively reinforce the fact that your 3 year old keeps flipping you the bird. For this you will need a good quick launch set up and total trust in your stealth filming abilities.  But most importantly, an excellent poker face. What’s happening is NOT funny and you are NOT taking a video of it right now.


Out of sight, out of mind – Slightly different to the sneaky video, this one is all about catching your kid doing something adorable, sweet or funny when they don’t know you are watching.  Perhaps you can hear them from the other room being super cute with their younger brother, hit record from before you enter the room (we can edit that out!) and then quietly sneak up and try to get a good angle of the goings on. 

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